Why Does Our Community Need Our Help?

According to the USDA a staggering 30%-40% percent of American food is thrown out. Be a part of preventing this extreme waste.

According to the data in 2017 from Feeding America, Florida is ranked 10th in food insecurities where Orange County is 4th with 178,240 individuals wondering if they are going to eat. Knowing this leaves us with an extremely heavy heart knowing that we can help. There should not be any person that has to live without basic necessities. You can help! Donate today! All Donations are tax deductible!

Pactum De Lux is going to make the difference by letting people know that someone has thought about them. Together with donations from our community and local businesses we have been able to achieve our goal to make sure no one goes hungry. All that is donated such as surplus foods that would otherwise go to waste we use to help those that have no one else. We all have a part in caring for each other and helping us all grow as a community. We thank you in advance for all of your support.

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