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Don’t spend your time trying to make other people happy. Their joy is not your responsibility. The only person you’re obliged to please is yourself. Try as you might, there will always be someone displesased with your actions. You cannot be held accountable for someone else’s emotions. The only thing you truly have any control over are your own emotions. This does not mean you should go around acting in a way where your actions hurt other people. It means that you should not allow others to govern your behavior based on their own fickle emotions; on the otherhand, you should not allow your capricious actions to inflict harm on those around you. Most of us are dealing with internal issues that sometimes causes us to behave erratically. These vagaries can negatively affect the people around us. People unknowingly hurt each other all the time; they unknowingly hurt themselves just as much. Behavior is difficult to understand due to the many possible nuances from person to person. Humans are inquisitve beings that strive to make sense of the world around us, so we try to find ways to explain the things we don’t understand using words that make sense to us. Sigmund Freud mentioned in his book “Beyond The Pleasure Principle,” the concepts of the reality principle and the death drive. As children, we rely on the pleasure principle to help us understand the world around us. Children are manipulated by the Id where the Ego and Superego have not been developed yet. At this time in our lives, our actions are completely incumbent on whether or not we shall achieve pleasure from said actions. We are unable to comprehend the consequences of our actions. As toddlers, people are under complete control by the Id. Pleasure is the driving force of the Id.

As we age, our Ego and Superego begin to develop; develop morality. Our Ego is in charge of mediating between attaining pleasure and maintaining moral behavior. In opposition to our pleasure drive/love drive, Eros, we find the death drive, Thanatos. Freud believed that if the pleasure drive ws ignored, the person would become egotistical and self-destructive. The death drive desires to return to its inorganic self before birth. In the universe, all things exist in harmony. Eros exists alongside Thanatos; we must learn to live in balance between Eros and Thanatos. As humans we must live in harmony with nature and with each other. To maintain harmony between the microgosm and the marcogosm, we must be true to ourselves. We must love one another as well as ourselves; Live you truth; Love your truth.

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