Volunteer for PDL Nonprofit

It is important to give back to the community. Here at PDL Nonprofit, we believe that food is a basic human right. Help us make sure that none of our neighbors ever go hungry. Join us as we hand out food to people in need every Tuesday and Wednesday. Please wear a mask and close toed shoes! We meet at 716 W Robinson Street on Tuesdays at 12pm-6pm. Wednesdays we meet at HQ from 3pm-6pm. On Wednesdays we have free food, we garden, we spin fire and more! Come join us!!

As part of our outreach programs we offer temporary positions designed to teach transferable skills that volunteers can use to enhance their resume. Below are some of the opportunities avalable. These positions are available thanks to our partners. As volunteers it’s important to remember; these opportunities are fundraisers to help PDL Nonprofit add even more programs and services to improve our community. These programs are designed to give volunteers hands on training, while fundraising. Extra funds are distributed back to the volunteers*. To be eligible for these positions you have to first call/text (407)968-7358 or email: Support@PDLnonprofit.org to schedule an interview. ALL volunteers must sign our Covenant Not to Sue and Agreement to Hold Harmless before volunteering.

Before you volunteer with us please fill out the following form:

*Dispersal times and amounts of excess funds from fundraisers are subject to change.